شعار كلية علوم الحاسوب والرياضيات

Tikrit University is a specialized institution that caters to the market's demands and requirements in the field of renewable energy. It provides excellent education and training to thousands of students, equipping them with valuable academic skills.

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Tikrit University aspires to become the premier hub of scientific exploration and talent cultivation in Iraq, serving as the primary source for highly skilled graduate technicians who possess exceptional intellectual, emotional, and practical capabilities. With a forward-looking approach, Tikrit University aims to spearhead development planning across Iraq, serving as the cornerstone for achieving sustainable progress in the country. It envisions itself as a center for cognitive and applied sciences, elevating the knowledge pyramid to the highest echelons of evaluation and innovation.

Tikrit University is deeply committed to providing exceptional higher education that adheres to rigorous international standards. The core mission of Tikrit University is to actively pursue leadership and place significant emphasis on meeting the demands of the job market by ensuring that its educational programs foster the development of scientific and educational skills. Moreover, the university places great value on conducting meticulous and ethically grounded scientific research. Such research is approached systematically, employing robust methodologies and frameworks to ensure the attainment of global excellence in academic pursuits.